„The magazine that first embraced music as a serious cultural phenomenon was itself called 'Rolling Stone.” (Tim Cahill, member of Australian national football team)

Founded in 1967, ROLLING STONE is world’s most valued and trusted brand for music journalism. It’s German issue is now published in its 25th year. ROLLING STONE is the rock that stands steadily in the sizzling waters of time. We don’t hunt for short span attention but rather look out for topics and artists that withstand ephemeral market trends.

ROLLING STONE’s readers value our recognition of the written word and our ambitious journalistic approach of examining music and related arts within a greater cultural context. Detailed coverage and excellent research, accompanied by an extraordinary visual language are what make ROLLING STONE stand apart from other music- and lifestyle-related magazines.

ROLLING STONE readers are particularly exigent about their choices – unsurprisingly, they are extremely well-educated and -situated. Nonetheless, they are passionate and faithful – or how would you explain that ROLLING STONE Germany’s own “Weekender” festival is usually sold out before any artists are announced?