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Type area: 374.5 mm wide, 528.0 mm high (4,224 total millimeters)
Number of columns: Ad section 8, text section 6
Column widths ad section: 1 column = 45 mm, 2 columns = 92 mm, 3 columns = 139 mm, 4 columns = 186 mm, 5 columns = 233 mm, 6 columns = 280 mm, 7 columns = 327 mm, 8 columns = 374.0 mm
Column widths of text section: 1 column = 58.5 mm, 2 columns = 121.7 mm, 3 columns = 184.9 mm, 4 columns = 248.1 mm, 5 columns = 311.3 mm, 6 columns = 374.5 mm
Full bleed: Max. 777 mm wide, 528 mm high (17 ad columns)


Type area: 247.8 mm wide x 370 mm high (1,850 total millimeters)
Number of columns: advertisement and text section, 5 columns
Column widths: 1 column = 45 mm, 2 columns = 95.7 mm, 3 columns = 146.4 mm, 4 columns = 197.1 mm, 5 columns = 247.8 mm
Full bleed: 530 mm wide, 370 mm high (11 ad columns)

File format: We recommend the PDF/X-4:2008 file format. The PDF/X-1a:2001 and PDF/X-3:2002 file formats are still valid and will also be accepted. In principle, no open formats are used. The data must be created in the original size of the display.
Fonts: All fonts used must be embedded. Positive fonts from 6 point, negative fonts from 8.5 point, semi-bold, sans serif
Line width: Line width from 0.2 mm (positive)/from 0.3 mm (negative)
Tabloid format: Print documents for the Nordic broadsheet format are automatically converted to the size for the Nordic tabloid format. Alternatively, a separate printing substrate can be supplied. Please contact us for format specifications. For advertisements that are scaled to tabloid format, we recommend the following font sizes and line widths to ensure optimum legibility. Positive fonts from 9 point, negative fonts from 12 point, semi-bold, sans serif, positive strokes min. 0.3 mm, negative strokes min. 0.45 mm
Printing process: (coldset) web offset, ISO 12647-3:2005


Tone value range: Printed tone value range from 3 % to 95 %.
Tone value increase: 50 % tone of the original increases by approx. 26 % in newspaper offset printing.
Colors: Euroscale ISO 2846-2 (samples of HKS colors, version 2006 in CMYK composite printing available on request)
Register tolerance: ≤ 0.3 mm
Image resolution: 250 dpi, with line max. 1,270 dpi
Color preparation: Please use ICC color profile ISOnewspaper26v4.icc.

This takes into account the parameters achromatic build-up, maximum total ink application and the dot gain of the newspaper print.

Download profile:

QR code: A minimum format of 25 x 25 mm and a resolution of 300 dpi are recommended for the legibility of QR code images in newspaper printing. The advertiser is responsible for the content of the link.

Print failure: No guarantee can be given for print failure in the event of deviating data structures. Color variations within and between printing locations are process-related and do not justify any claims for compensation. No guarantee is given for the correctness of the conversion of 4c advertisements via ICC color profiles. The dimensional stability of the newsprint is subject to slight fluctuations due to the process.