LAE 2023: WELT - Top choice for decision-makers

The latest “Leit-Analyse zur Mediennutzung von Entscheidenden in Wirtschaft und Verwaltung 2023 (LAE)” (Lead Analysis on Media Use by Decision-Makers in Business and Administration 2023) was published on July 05, 2023. The study surveys media usage in print and digital for the target group of decision-makers in business and administration.

The results are impressive: WELT is one of the top decision-maker media in Germany, with a cross-media reach of 1,167,000.

In addition, WELT Crossmedia (Print + Digital + App) is affinity winner* in the target groups:
1. future technologies: decision-makers planning investments in artificial intelligence/machine learning and collaboration tools.

2. green investments: ecologically and ethically sound forms of investment.

3. political networking: decision-makers who are well connected in politics at federal and state level.

DIE WELT is affinity winner** at:

Company managers
Index: 151
Companies that have invested in blockchain technology in the last two years
Index 206

WELT AM SONNTAG is affinity winner*** at:

Companies for which sustainability is very important
Index: 116
Decision-makers who want to buy a high-quality wristwatch in the next 1-2 years
Index: 203

WELT.de is affinity winner**** at:

Companies for which diversity and social responsibility are very important
Index: 107
Decision makers responsible for purchases of products or services [budget 150.000€ - 200.000€].
Index: 193

(Source: LAE 2023, affinity winner = highest index proficiency in a specific target group characteristic compared to *all media surveyed; **FAZ,SZ; ***FAS; ****faz.net, sueddeutsche.de)

Judith Umlauf
Judith Umlauf