FROM 22nd - 28th APRIL 2024

A WHOLE WEEK for your sustainable communication!

WELT is making a concrete contribution to climate protection: WELT AM SONNTAG and DIE WELT have been TÜV-certified climate-neutral products since 2023 – WELT Digital since January 2024.

With BETTER FUTURE Earth Week from April 22nd – 28th, 2024, WELT is focusing on sustainability for the third time: the unique 360-degree concept will be launched on international Earth Day.

We are communicating this important topic in a climate-neutral way across all channels for an entire week:

– in the WELT AM SONNTAG highlight edition and

– with a wide range of key topics in WELT

– with a constant presence on WELT Digital

BETTER FUTURE Conference on the topic of “Sustainability”

– Program and trailer sponsoring as well as important documentaries and reports on WELT TV

This week, WELT offers topics such as climate protection & green energy concepts, mobility of the future & smart cities, sustainable financing, smart home & sustainable living as well as sustainable production & consumption a strong platform for your sustainable advertising.

Take advantage of the BETTER FUTURE Earth Week environment and reach your target group in a targeted manner: readers with high purchasing power and a high demand for sustainability. And with a high advertising recall of over 70%.

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Katharina Nowak
Katharina Nowak
Junior Marketing Manager
Katja Sturm
Katja Sturm
Senior Marketing Manager