WELT Digital pools online, mobile and app presentations under a strong, multimedia brand standing for progressive, high-value and dynamic subjects on all channel.


WELT.de is available in different devices


WELT.de (online and mobile)

  • Video: WELT.de provides all important stories also as video and thus uses the power of Germany’s top TV news channel. Plus a media library with a unique range of features (instant restart, 360 player).
  • Live: WELT.de is always live, with the latest live tickers, live streams on breaking news or the current TV programme.
  • Orientation: WELT.de offers content orientation and has strong convictions as well as being diverse. Our contents are curated according to news and relevant interest areas – including various new features, such as NEWScheck and the summary for fast readers.
  • Community: Our community is part of WELT, as we have developed the product together with our users


News App (Smartphone App)

  • Whether politics, economy or multimedia – the news app of WELT provides you with news directly on your smartphone. Find out first what happens in the world
  • Clearly structured and compact, with fast access to the main functions, for example newsticker, video center and saved articles


WELT Edition (Tablet App)

  • Multimedia preparation of high-quality news for the modern (newspaper) reader.
  • The product was optimized for users who want to enjoy our contents on tablet and smartphone. Additional reports incl. impressive pictures from theme areas