Nothing moves Germany like BILD. The biggest entertainment & news portal!

BILD is the leading multimedia medium in Germany. BILD knows what moves people, what creates friction. Fast, up-to-date and varied. BILD gives advertising customers direct access to high-reach environments. Because: nobody has more daily reach! An average of 3.26 million UU visit the BILD home every day.

BILD HomeRun

With Germany’s strongest HomeRun you are guaranteed to reach 15 million AIs! From classic to attention-grabbing – we have the right advertising media for your campaign.


The BILD Run bundles all channel start & article pages and scores in both sizes with increased viewability values and maximum attention. With 8 million AIs, the BILD Run Max. offers customers another wide-reach product and a real alternative to HomeRun.

BILD “Rocket”

Starting in 2019, BILD will offer customers a holistic and unprecedented campaign concept with the “rocket”. This will be provided with a customized and tailor-made storyline. In the course of the BILD rocket, we cluster your product to be advertised according to the desired objective, stage it in our high-reach environments and embed it in a state-of-the-art data-based campaign to guarantee optimal performance of your campaign.

BILD TopicRun

The BILD Topic Run enables you to provide the user interested in the topic with your advertising exclusively for one day. With our data segments, we cluster our users along their reading behavior and thus increase the performance of your advertising campaign. For an additional branding effect you will receive a fixed placement of the appropriate channel start page.

BILD Social & Video

BILD-Live, Stars & Starlets, News, Entertainment: Videos at BILD. Our in-house formats are young, entertaining and exciting. We are represented on all modern platforms and do not shy away from any topics. Video and live reporting is part of our DNA, because BILD is always on the spot with 500 reporters. Exclusive, stirring and always: first!

With around 7 million likes, reactions, (re-)tweets, shares and comments every month, we have the most interactive social media community in Germany. BILD stands for involving stories and controversy – which makes us the market leader among German-language websites!


BILDplus is Europe’s most successful digital payment offer for journalism – because we have the best stories, the best service and the best campaigns!

Brand Story

Our journalistic power is the USP of the BILD Brand Stories. We produce native stories about which all of Germany is talking. Real BILD professionals tailor your top story to suit your target group. We enlighten, we inform and entertain. Powerful pictures, authentic and above all passionate!