Audience Insights

Audience Insights Reporting

Gain valuable insights into the actual target group of a specific campaign

Advantages of this product

1. We help you with your target group analysis because you also receive valuable information about your users

2. We use this information to optimize your upcoming or current campaigns by formulating and visualizing the right persona for you.

3. This precise picture of your customers can help you to align decisions and measures with the customer journey. This in turn not only leads to short-term campaign success, but also to long-term increases in sales.

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Regio Targeting

Media Impact’s regional targeting reaches potential customers at a location of your choice.

The special feature: This allows you to reach a regionalized target group to whom your advertising is displayed in predefined regions. This regionalization is carried out by means of IP address matching.

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NetID Best Case


Optimize the effectiveness of your advertising with our targeting solutions!

With the help of our innovative data products, we enable a more efficient implementation of digital advertising. We find the right users for your advertising message based on our large internal database and that of selected external data partners. Innovative and high-quality technologies in combination with a diverse portfolio create a precise target group approach with maximum reach. By targeting the right user segments, we increase the effectiveness of your advertising and minimize loss of reach at the same time.

Besides understanding our customers the fastest, we also have to be the best data manager these days. With our Trusted Data strategy, we more than live up to this and lead the way in dialog with users, partners and customers.
Christopher Reher
General Director Data Axel Springer All Media

Christine  Blaes
Christine Blaes
Head of Data Privacy Axel Springer All Media
Sabine  Schmidt
Sabine Schmidt
Senior Manager Data
Mattia Dallai
Mattia Dallai
Manager Data
Emma Nicole
Emma Nicole
Junior Manager Data