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Strong media in just one combination 

FUNKE MEDIA Nordrhein-Westfalen’s titles permeate the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region like no other media company. That makes them a unique and, above all, strong partner. The 5 titles reach 1.60 million people in the circulation area. (Source: ma TZ 2022). 

Our portfolio
Information | Opinion | Entertainment. 

NRW is the most populous and densely populated of all 16 German states. A diverse and colorful state. This is reflected in the media portfolio of FUNKE MEDIEN in North Rhine-Westphalia: With a rich editorial offering at the highest journalistic level, we meet the demands of the people in NRW for information and entertainment, for quality and variety. Every day, on all channels. 

Daily newspapers 

The region’s leading daily newspaper titles are the flagship and traditional heart of FUNKE’s media in North Rhine-Westphalia. Every day, they provide millions of people with the latest news, analyses and background information. With their credible and journalistically high-quality reporting, they make an important contribution to journalistic diversity and the basic supply of information to citizens. They accompany the people of North Rhine-Westphalia through their everyday lives, helping them to classify events and form an opinion. 

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ)

The Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung is not only the origin of today’s FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE – it is also Germany’s largest regional newspaper. It is the leading daily newspaper in the metropolitan areas of Essen, Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Duisburg, Oberhausen and Mülheim. In its entire circulation area – from southern Münsterland to Niederberg, from the Lower Rhine to the Unna area – WAZ reaches around one-third of the population. 

Neue Ruhr/Rhein Zeitung (NRZ)

Opinionated, independent, close to the people. The NRZ is the metropolitan medium for the Rhenish Ruhr region and the state capital of Düsseldorf, and also the hometown newspaper for the Lower Rhine region between Kleve and Moers. With its in-depth and serious reporting, the NRZ provides information on everything that is important locally, regionally and in the world. 

Westfalenpost (WP)

„Voice of the homeland – echo of the world“ is the title of Westfalenpost, founded in 1946. As the largest newspaper in South Westphalia, it is still commited to this reputation today: Westfalenpost sees itself as a mouthpiece and advocate for the people in the region, and at the same time as a civic quality newspaper with the perfect mix of information and entertainment. Every day it bridges the gap from neighborhood festivals to big politics, from the Sauerland to the celebrity beach. The WP, as readers call it in short and familiar terms, is the local paper with heart, mind and foresight.  

Westfälische Rundschau (WR)

The Westfälische Rundschau with its headquarters in Dortmund, has been published since 1946. Its circulation area extends from the metropolitan area of Dortmund through the eastern Ruhr region and into southern Westphalia. The WR offers comprehensive local reporting in the independent cities of Dortmund and Hagen, in the districts of Unna, Olpe, Siegen-Wittgenstein, Hochsauerlandkreis and Märkischer Kreis. To this end, it cooperates with other publishing houses and newspapers, including the Westfalenpost (WP), which also belongs to FUNKE MEDIEN NRW. 

Iserlohner Kreisanzeiger* (IKZ)

Iserlohn, Letmathe and Hemer – three cities, three local sections. Even though Letmathe has been part of the Iserlohn city area since 1975,  the IKZ offers Iserlohners, Letmathers and Hemeraners their own local section. With its offering, the IKZ provides citizens in Iserlohn and the surrounding area with the latest news, competent analyses and important background information from the region, Germany and the world. 

(* Minority shareholding)

Target group

Adults, 30-59 years
Net household income over 3000 €
Socioeconomic Segments 1+2


1-1-seite 1/1 Seite
226.089,60 € (Mon-Sat)
1-2-seite-quer 1/2 Seite quer
113.044,80 € (Mon-Sat)
1-4-seite-eckfeld 1/4 Seite Eckfeld
64.230,00 € (Mon-Sat)

All prices plus VAT. The price list No. 8 Regional Media, valid from 1.1.2023 applies. Other prices on request // mm price 4c: € 85,64 (Mon - Sat)

Key figures

Mon-Sat, daily
Mon-Sat, daily
355.584, of which 62.910 ePaper
Total reach
Sources: IVW III/2023, ma Tageszeitungen 2022

Contact Person

Ingo Günther
Ingo Günther
Anzeigenleiter Regionale Tageszeitungen
Lars Golde
Lars Golde
Senior Marketing Manager

Experience the radiance of the WELT brand!

WELT is a 360-degree media brand that offers information in print, digital and TV. It stands for intelligent quality journalism for every usage situation. The print editions of DIE WELT and WELT AM SONNTAG have been climate-neutral since 2022.​​

Best Cases of WELT

We are happy to be there for you!

Kathleen Schwiezke
Kathleen Schwiezke
General Director Marketing WELT Gruppe

The new lifestyle portal for all pet owners and pet enthusiasts


PETBOOK – the new online magazine about the animal world of small and large pets!

PETBOOK seeks to understand pets and farm animals, their behavior and needs to provide an orientation for their owners and help them in their everyday lives. A special focus lies on animal health, the healthy and sustainable nutrition, care and attitude of the animals.

PETBOOK stands for high-quality and credible service journalism with a lifestyle approach. The portal offers reports, expert interviews and tips, studies, tutorials and everyday hacks on the subject of pets.

PETBOOK – All about life with a pet!


2,28 Mio.
Page Impressions
2,61 Mio.
*IVW September 2023


Tabea Nickel
Tabea Nickel
Junior Marketing Managerin BlLD Digital + Verticals
WELT Rubriken_Header-Image-Bild_01

WELT Rubriken



WELT AM SONNTAG is the most important weekend read for discerning readers. It stands for outstanding journalistic expertise and regularly offers strong investigative stories from business and politics. 

The editorial diversity of WELT AM SONNTAG includes analyses and forecasts from the world of finance, exciting sports reports, as well as exclusive articles on style and culture, real estate, travel and motoring.

WELT AM SONNTAG appears with one issue each on Saturday and Sunday. This gives readers more flexibility to start their reading pleasure with WELT AM SONNTAG as early as Saturday.

From Monday to Friday, DIE WELT concisely presents the news events and debates of the day. In a slim paper, it relies on pointed texts and a stringent structure that bundles content on a single topic. It is weighty without being heavy.

WELT’s classifieds are characterized by competent editorial staff and a wide range of advertisements. Our customers can choose from a wide variety of ad formats to reach the high-class target groups of both titles.


A detailed overview of prices, special topics and current offers can be found on the following category pages.


We will be happy to advise you individually on our digital classified offers.



Petra Mählmann-Radowitz
Petra Mählmann-Radowitz
Senior Marketing Manager


The portal for medicine and health

ONMEDA offers extensive and high-quality content around the topics of medicine & health and is one of the leading health portals in Germany.

It provides medical content in layman’s terms on all aspects of health: well-founded information on preventive health care, clinical pictures, symptoms, and diagnostic and treatment procedures.

In addition, ONMEDA provides comprehensive information on topics such as pregnancy, child development, nutrition and fitness. The ONMEDA editorial team is made up of experienced medical editors and doctors who provide neutral and independent information on current health topics. 


Unique User*
1.7 mil
2.4 mil
Page Impressions**
5.1 mil
source: *AGOF daily digital facts; base: digitale WNK 16+ years, october 2021; retrieved on 01.12.2021 **Google Analytics, january 2022

Target group*

> 40 years
HHNI > 3.000 €
*Quelle: IVW/AGOF (january 2021)


Contact person

Lea Sophie Dahm
Lea Sophie Dahm
Marketing Managerin Partnerships