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Janine Lüder
Janine Lüder
Digital Marketing Manager

Factsheet DIE WELT


Die Stilisten 2020


WELT Formula 1 2020


myHOMEBOOK: The new do-it-yourself portal for more lifestyle in house, flat and garden - understandable and freshly edited

  • myHOMEBOOK encourages and activates readers to take the initiative and provides orientation on the topics  of living, building, diy and gardening.
  • myHOMEBOOK combines the knowledge of experts, influencers and hobby craftsmen – competently and authentically.
  • Helpful. Entertaining. Guidefull. Fresh – for men and women!
  • myHOMEBOOK – simply do it (yourself)!



1.62 Mio.
3.05 Mio.
Page Impressions**
4.14 Mio.

Quellen: *AGOF daily digital facts January 2020; **IVW January 2020

Target Group

20 - 49 years old
HHNI > 3.000€
High level of education

Quelle: AGOF daily digital facts January 2020

Contact Person
Kerstin  Scharwatz
Kerstin Scharwatz
Marketing Manager

WELT Olympia 2020

WELT European Football Championship 2020

Super You

Nutrition is the new “Holy Grail” and a lifestyle. Paying attention to nutrition to be attractive, young and healthy has long since not been an unachievable goal.

Apart from there being many ideas about nutrition, however, there are ever new trends coming on to the market, from step counters to food supplements, diets of various kinds to super foods. Who can keep track of everything?

That is precisely where Super You comes in. The new magazine for intelligent nutrition analyses the material in its entire depth and guides the reader through the jungle of food trends. With a twinkle in the eye, without finger-wagging. Very opulent visually, as befits a lifestyle title. And offering a full range of subjects, presenting the whole field of health style, from great beauty recipes and for example sustainable fashion to food trends and travel.

The magazine is oriented basically to women aged 25-55 who want to live as long as possible in good health, but feel disconcerted and disoriented because of all the conflicting styles of nutrition and information provided. They pay conscious attention to healthy nutrition and find it vital to do something for their physical and psychological well-being.

Further information is given on Instagram.

Super You is a brand of EAT CLUB.

Key Figures

Publication Date:
4x per year
Copy Price:
€ 4.90
Print Run*:
100,000 copies

Source: *publishing disclosure


opening-spread OS
€ 29,670
2-1-seite 2/1 page
€ 25,800
u2-oder-u4 U2 or U4
€ 14,200
1-1-seite 1/1 page
€ 12,900
1-2-seite-quer 1/2 page
€ 7,940
1-3-seite-eckfeld 1/3 page
€ 6,200
Contact Person
Snjezana  Juric
Snjezana Juric
Stellvertretende Anzeigenleiterin Food


Women's premium combo weekly

  • Four great classics in the womens’s magazines segment.
  • Attractive cost effectiveness compared to competitor’s combos.
  • People stories, destinies and reports creates emotions and involvement.
  • High editorial standards represent quality.
  • People & lifestyle: high reach in upscale, established womens’s target groups.

Combo savings: 8 %.

Key figures

Paid circulation*:
1,573,014 copies
Total reach**:
7.32 Mio.
Reach Women**:
6.75 Mio.

Sources: *IVW IV. Q. 2019, **ma 2019 Presse II


1-1-seite 1/1 page
€ 89,500
1-2-seite-quer 1/2 page
€ 62,640
1-3-seite-eckfeld 1/3 page
€ 48,240
Contact Person
Snjezana Juric
Snjezana Juric
Assistant Advertising Manager BILD der FRAU
Martina Knop-Sydow
Martina Knop-Sydow
Advertising Manager Country- & Mindstyle Title

30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

The fall of the Berlin Wall – an historical and seizing moment. 30 years later BILD will publish a special of up to 4 pages about this subject and also BILD am Sonntag will provide an editorial environment.

In addition, the special can be extended on!


Data & facts

  • Publication date:                              Saturday, 09 November 2019
  • Ad closing/material deadline:           Friday, 01 November 2019

BILD am Sonntag

Data & facts

  • Publication date:                              Sunday, 10 November 2019
  • Ad closing/material deadline:           Friday, 01 November 2019

Click here for more information.

BILD Economy Rates

We reward Your flexibility with exceptional rates. With our most appreciated Economy Rates clients can book a specific calender week and BILD determines the exact publication date, within the chosen week.

When booking, You will have the possibility to exclude any day of Your choice, within the selected week, increasing this way Your planning security.

Our fixed formats 1/1 page and “1.000er” format, as well as almost all external page placements can be booked as Economy Rates.

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16. August 2019

BILD StandBy Offer

BILD shows a read through rate of more than 90% with a front page attention of 100%.

Benefit from both great level of attention and enormous reach with an unbeatable price saving!

StandBy formats on BILD‘s front page can be booked individually, as well as in advertising package.
Please indicate the earliest publication date and we shall determine the exact publication date within 4 weeks.
You can benefit from a price saving up to 55%!


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DIE WELT Artist Edition

For the past 9 years, an artist hast given his or her individual face to the WELT once every year. This artist is Takashi Murakami in 2019. Together with editors and graphic artists, he will design a  WELT according to his ideas and turn into a unique art object.

Be part of the WELT artist edition!


The ICON family is expanding their portfolio by a new magazine for men in October of 2018: Mr ICON. A supplement with photo series, stories and reports dealing with style, fashion and lifestyle for men-as an expandtion of the internationally successful magazine ICON.

Across its 4 features, “Moodboard”, “Stories”, “School of Life” and “Shopping”, Mr ICON is presenting tipps and entertainment for the modern men.


DIE WELT*, 30.03.2019 und WELT AM SONNTAG*, 31.03.2019
DIE WELT*, 12.10.2019 und WELT AM SONNTAG*, 13.10.2019
DIE WELT* 150.000 Exemplare
WELT AM SONNTAG* 250.000 Exemplare
233 x 280 mm, Klebebindung
min. 68 Seiten

* Individueller Verteilungsschlüssel: Entspricht nicht der Gesamtdruckauflage der Zeitungen, Mr ICON erscheint in der WELT AM SONNTAG ohne Kompaktausgabe


2/1 Seite
58.000 €
1/1 Seite
35.000 €
1/3 Seite* - hoch
Auf Anfrage

Preise brutto, abschluss- und rabattfähig, zzgl. MwSt.

Carola Curio
Carola Curio
Publisher ICON / Mr ICON / UHREN
Jacqueline Ziob
Jacqueline Ziob
Objektmanagement ICON / Mr ICON

COMPUTER BILD Digital | Media Data 2019



AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD is Europe’s leading test magazine for all topics related to modern entertainment electronics.

With well-founded field tests created by experienced specialist editors and sophisticated measurements in ISO-certified laboratories, AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD delivers competent purchasing advice for the broadest ranges of consumers.

With its topical, thematically broadly diversified concept, AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD serves experienced, technology-oriented hobbyists, brand- and quality-conscious users, as well as price-/service-oriented consumers all at one and the same time. In addition to test competence and purchase advising, AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD offers comprehensive advisors and instructions for all topics covered in the magazine. Easily comprehensible, step-by-step instructions help the reader to use his or her devices optimally – thus, even beginners can manage complicated technology.

In the comprehensive section “New Products & Trends”, the editorial staff presents devices even before their introduction into the market. In the large portfolio “Film, Music, TV”, the user will see which new DVDs, Blu-rays, and CDs make for worthwhile purchases. Experts thus check all important new appearances for content-related and technical quality. AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD appears monthly in two versions: without a data carrier, and with a DVD (with a complete feature film and attractive PC software).

Key figures

Publication date
Copy price
Paid circulation IVW IV/2019
21,898 copies
Total reach ma 2020 Presse I
0.25 m
Total reach ma 2020 Presse I
0.22 m


1-1-seite 1/1 page
1-2-seite-quer 1/2 page
1-3-seite-hoch 1/3 page


Adult, 20-39 years
High school, university
Net household income over 2.000 €

ma 2019 Pressemedien II

Heiko Rönnau
Heiko Rönnau
Advertising manager SPORT BILD & COMPUTER BILD

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