We devote a lot of time and space to watches, so that you can forget about the time.

Since its launch in 2012 DIE WELT UHREN stands for the fascination of mechanical watches, both content-wise and optically, and primarily addresses a target group of male decision makers.

Under the editorial leadership of Dr. Philip Cassier our magazine provides insights into current trends, into tradition and craftsmanship. Collections, as well as the people behind the brands, always play a major role in our stories.

DIE WELT UHREN provides insights into an industry placing a premium both on tradition and craftsmanship, being nevertheless surprisingly innovative.

Key data

Dates of publication
21.03.2019 as supplement in DIE WELT*
21.11.2019 as supplement in DIE WELT*
155,607 copies
630,000 readers
Decision maker*
342,000 readers
260 mm x 365 mm, saddle stitch

*DIE WELT UHREN is published in WELT Print Working Day including Kompakt edition. Source: IVW IV/2018, AWA 2018, LAE 2018


2-1-seite-thumb 2/1 page
39,500 €
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23,300 €
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13,900 €
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10,300 €
Tina Krantz
Tina Krantz
Advertising Director
Sandra Metzner
Sandra Metzner
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