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BILD der FRAU - Schlank & fit


der FRAU - Schlank & fit Ahsendorf, Benita Editorial Concept The magazine is aimed towards women who are especially interested in fitness and wellness trends, topics related to staying slim and gentle methods of



ZENA KUHINJA (RS) Segment Women, Cooking Portrait Blic žena Kuhinja is published monthly and follows up all the topics related to cooking. The successful team of journalists, photographers, stylists, chefs,

Rolling Stone


Hannes Dahlke, Eva Steinecke, Sandra Stoffel, Susanne Rolling Stone Editorial Concept ROLLING STONE always keeps moving in terms of its concept and attempts to organise the pop-music landscape into a larger cultural (FR)


Marco (FR) Segment Cars Classified Portrait Online portal for automotive classified ads with a clear focus on the end customer business (B2C segment). Kennzahlen Quelle: Comscore 2013 (average figures)

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offers STYLEBOOK BlogStars Practice creative Content Marketing with STYLEBOOKs blogger network and reach a close and long-term customer retention. Here our user can find the real experts in fields like

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Calculator Print Godthardt, Imme The ad rate calculator provides the opportunity to calculate the costs for advertisements in Axel Springer's newspapers and magazines for the different formats of each booking unit

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Please find more details about our media under the link MEDIA PORTFOLIO. 1) Supplement (Sales) 2) distributed circulation 3) printed copies 4) paid circulation - publisher's information 5) incl. pocket edition Prices for

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rates Newspapers 2018 Please find more details about our media under the link MEDIA PORTFOLIO. Please note:The latest printed version of the price list or the last version which could be downloaded as PDF price