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Novy Cas pre Zeny (SK)


Benedikt Novy Cas pre Zeny (SK) Segment Women Portrait Novy Cas pre Zeny is a weekly magazine for women in their everyday lives. It informs and advises about job, children, family and partnerships. Key Data and

Novy Cas Krizovky (SK)


Benedikt Novy Cas Krizovky (SK) Segment Crosswords Portrait The only crossword magazine with the audited sale of ABC SR It has the highest sales numbers as the audited monthly that offers plenty of brain teasers and

Zivot (SK)


Benedikt Zivot (SK) Segment General Interest Portrait Modern and popular social magazine with its own opinion Publishes the stories of people, news reports and current cases each week For readers who seek a current



Benedikt MADAME EVA (SK) Segment Women Portrait Derivated from the brand EVA Exclusive womenŽs monthly magazine about fashion, beauty and relationships for women above 35 Key Data and Rates Subject to alteration,



Benedikt KISKEGYED KONYHÁJA (HU) Segment Cooking Portrait Kiskedyed Konyhája is a monthly food and cooking magazine with a huge amount of recipes for seasonal dishes. Key Data and Rates Subject to alteration,

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Please find more details about our media under the link MEDIA PORTFOLIO. 1) Supplement (Sales) 2) distributed circulation 3) printed copies 4) paid circulation - publisher's information 5) incl. pocket edition Prices for

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Calculator Print Godthardt, Imme The ad rate calculator provides the opportunity to calculate the costs for advertisements in Axel Springer's newspapers and magazines for the different formats of each booking unit

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rates Newspapers 2018 Please find more details about our media under the link MEDIA PORTFOLIO. Please note:The latest printed version of the price list or the last version which could be downloaded as PDF price