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Programmatic Advertising by Media Impact


Advertising by Media Impact Publisher-ID: pub-5786819153313314 Google Adx Bid-URL: Media Impact is GermanyŽs largest cross media marketer (Online, Mobile and Print) representing the portfolio of

Abendblatt Digital


Clemens Abendblatt Digital Is the most-accessed information and service platform in the Hamburg metropolitan area and among the Top 10 of Germany's online news portals. Due to the strong linkage of the print and


Relevant Information for Every Region provides relevant information on all German cities and municipalities. The associated local employment classifieds presents users with job offers from their region. As the

Combinations Media Impact


Media Impact No matter which targetgroup you want to reach, the mobile combinations of Media Impact offer an optimal mix of reach and targetgroup affinity with attractive conditions. Profit from our premium



Philipp H. NIN (RS) Segment Political Magazine Portrait Covers topics in politics, society, art, science and culture for over 76 years Founded in 1935 and halted after 26 issues, it was re-launched in 1951 and has

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Price Calculator Print


Calculator Print The ad rate calculator provides the opportunity to calculate the costs for advertisements in Axel Springer's newspapers and magazines for the different formats of each booking unit considering the

Advertising rates Newspapers 2016


rates Newspapers 2016 Ad rate calculator for the detailled calculation of the advertising costs. Please find more details about our media under the link MEDIA PORTFOLIO. Please note:The latest printed version of

Advertising rates Magazines 2016


Ad rate calculator for a detailled calculation of advertising costs. Please find more details about our media under the link MEDIA PORTFOLIO. 1) Supplement (Sales) 2) distributed circulation 3) printed copies 4) paid

General Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions newspapers magazines Online



The following General Terms and Conditions (the Terms and Conditions‘ in the follow- ing) govern the relationship between the Marketer and the Client in relation to placing and processing