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Ads: Wallpaper


The Wallpaper is a combination of the banner and the skyscraper placing. Additionally you can color the background to get more attention on your brand. 

Technical Specs:
Dimensions:see individual formats below
Filesize:100 kB physically unpacked, 150 kB redirect, max. 2 MB reloaded (polite Download) kB
Possible Formats:gif, jpg, html5, streaming, swf (Delivery in Firefox with a Fallback)
Lead time (in days):3
Video and Audio:Sound and video are allowed. The sound may however start only user-initiated (onMouseover / onClick), not automatically with an animation. The sound must be disabled with the same technique (mouseover / out or onClick). A loop is not permitted. Please also make sure that the promotional material (when onClick variant) contains a clearly visible symbol by which the sound of the volume can be switched on and off (ex: speaker icon). Along with hosting the streams, we demand a surcharge cost of streaming 2 € n. / N. on CPM.
Background-color possible: Yes
Clickable Background possible: Yes
Positioning:The skyscraper docks from below.