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Ads: Wallpaper

Objekt: abendblatt


The Wallpaper is a combination of the banner and the skyscraper placing. Additionally you can color the background to get more attention on your brand. 

Technical Specs:
Dimensions:1110x90 / 160x600 Pixel or 1150x90 / 200x600 Pixel
Filesize:100 kB physically unpacked, 150 kB redirect, max. 2 MB reloaded (polite Download) kB
Possible Formats:gif, jpg, html5, streaming, swf (Delivery in Firefox with a Fallback)
Lead time (in days):3
Video and Audio:Sound and video are allowed. The sound may however start only user-initiated (onMouseover / onClick), not automatically with an animation. The sound must be disabled with the same technique (mouseover / out or onClick). A loop is not permitted. Please also make sure that the promotional material (when onClick variant) contains a clearly visible symbol by which the sound of the volume can be switched on and off (ex: speaker icon). Along with hosting the streams, we demand a surcharge cost of streaming 2 € n. / N. on CPM.
Background-color possible: Yes
Clickable Background possible: Yes
Positioning:The skyscraper docks from below.
HTML5 Specifications / Flash Specifications / SSL - ability (Please click to open)

1. HTML5 Specifications

1.1. Bannerformats
The following standards are used for all formats with a fixed size. This means fixed height and width, analogue to the standards of ads by IAB, except of ads which overlie the content of the Websites, proportional or scale free (e.g. Sitebar, compare with

1.2. File size
HTML5 ads consists as websites do out of several elements which could not be merged and compressed analogue to Flash. These are the elements:
- Files
- Libraries (Javascript, JQuery, etc.)
- Pictures
- Videos
In order to prevent that the website and the ad redundantly delays you have to consider while creating that the single elements of the HTML5 ad has to be held as small as possible both regarding to their quantity and the file size. This is to minimize the serverprocesses/enquiries (serverrequests). For that to happen compilationmethods of the codes and the optimization of the codes have to be applied.
The following limits have to be kept:
- 100 kB physically, unpacked

- 150 kB redirect

- max. 2 MB reloaded (polite Download)
It has to be kept with compression and optimization technique and also with a reduced usage of animations and inclusion of external elements like fonts and libraries which are also counted in addition to the file size. Subfolder structures are to prevent.

1.3. HTML5-Close Button for Layer Ads

Look here:

1.4. Klicktag
The spelling for the clicktags is: clicktag
The spelling for multi clicktags is: clicktag, clicktag1, clicktag2 <n>
The following codelines have to be integrated into the HTML5 ad for the handover of the clicktags: The function provides all GET parameters back that are committed to the file:
var getUriParams = function() {
var query_string = {}
var query =;
var parmsArray = query.split('&');
 if(parmsArray.length <= 0) return query_string;
for(var i = 0; i < parmsArray.length; i++) {
var pair = parmsArray[i].split('=');
var val = decodeURIComponent(pair[1]);
if (val != '' && pair[0] != '') query_string[pair[0]] = val;
return query_string;
Examples for HTML and distribution of the links:
2 HTML links without distributed links:
<a href="#clicktag" id="clicktag">IAB clicktag</a>
<a href="#clicktag2" id=" clicktag2">IAB clicktag</a>
With this Javascript lines the clicktags can be distributed to the HTML elements:
Function test of the clicktag-GET-parameters for the handover to the ad
The ad should be tested by the Creative agency on a working clicktag handover. With it unnecessary feedback loops can be excluded. Test: html5werbemittel.html?clicktag=%LANDINGPAGE% %LANDINGPAGE% has to be replaced with a tested targetpage and has to be delivered URL-encoded (encodeURIComponent-­‐Funktion).
1.5. Backup image, browser compatibility
If a Browser does not support a special feature or a used library which is utilized in the ad, it should be displayed with a fallback (JPG/GIF) which is defined in the ad. If the ad is not supported for example by  IE 9 the agency should provide that the fallback is shown in this browser. The ad has to be tested by the creative agency on every established browser and the publisher has to be informed about all excluding browsers. 

1.6. Grafic compress
Graphics have to be optimized concerning the file size. The use of PNG Crusher and the insert of scalable vector grafics is recommended.
1.7. Video
Videos in HTML5 ads are to be included with the tag <video></video>. Ads with videos have to get a preview picture (poster). The video will start after loading the preview picture or with the interaction of the user on the mobile devices. It’s important to take care that clicktags can’t be layed above the videos for mobile devices. The clicktag has to be layed on an area out of the videos. The Video has to be optimized concerning its quality and file size and it has to be streamed in a suitable server surrounding. The maximum video file size is 4 MB. The video has to be allocated in H264/mp4 as well as in VP8/WebM. Example for a code: <video controls height='640' width='360'> <source src='yourVideo.mp4' type='video/mp4' /> <source src='yourVideo.webm' type='video/webm' /> </video>
1.8. Animation
For the animations it’s important to take care that they do not unnecessarily strain the client CPU. Some parallel working animations and overlapping transparent grafics have to be avoided. The use of CSS3 or Javascript animations has to be severally picked in consideration to the CPU and GPU workload.
1.9. Delivery
The delivery of the HTML5 advertising medium takes place as a ZIP file which contains all the elements of the ad. For example a Wallpaper consists of 2 banner elements, therefore 2 Zip-files are necessary. Every Zip-file comprises all objects of the advertising medium or banner element – except externally loaded libraries, videos and fonts. The Zip-file/-s must include an index-html-file as starting point and all integrated scripts as well as all objects which are in the Zip-file/-s have to be linked relatively. 

Alternatively a Redirect can be delivered. All requirements which are mentioned above apply here as well, e.g. file size, file number. 

The delivery has to happen physically or as a redirect in depending on the publishers requierements.

2. Flash Specifications
General Information

To guarantee a smooth upload and the delivery of the creatives in time , all creatives should be sent to Axel Springer Media at least:

• 3 working days prior to start date for image creatives

• 5 working days prior to start date for richmedia creatives

• 5 working days prior to start date for wallpaper, expandable ads and other special ads

• Delivery of the creatives to

When sending the e-mail please always add following information:

• Motiv name (optional)

• Alt-Text (optional)

• For flash:

• Flash version

• Information about action scripts

• gif or jpg as a default for users,

who have not installed flash

• Name of the costumer

• Sniffer codes (optional)

• Campaign name

• Advertiser name

• Booking period of


• Placement

• Format

• Contact person for


• Nielsen product (optional)

• Click-URL

Please send redirects, counting pixel and click-commands only as txt file. If e.g. counting pixels are integrated directly into the e-mail, our safety system will delete them

Delivery of Redirects

• Redirects must have variables to move the ad (e.g. xpos, ypos)

• The wmode has to be set to opaque (wmode=opaque)

• Only exeption: Layer Ads (wmode=transparent)

• Tandem Ads (also wallpaper) have to be delivered in two parts, both must have variables to move the ads

• The click-through-URL has to open a new window

• We must be able to insert our click-macro to count clicks on our site

• Cookie dropping is not allowed

• Redirects must contain a timestamp-parameter (cachebuster)

• Our specifications for physical ads also apply to redirects

• Background color: Delivery as a Hex-Code, e.g. #ffffff

• Clickable background: Delivery as a Hex-Code, e.g. #ffffff and a click-through URL

Technologies - Flash

In general:

• We recommend all flash versions greater or equal 8

• When using flash version 10 please note that there might occur problems in Internet Explorer 7 if the pop-up blocker is


• Always deliver a default ad (jpg, gif), that users with no flash installed will also see an ad

• All ads (except layer ads) have to have wmode=opaque

• 18 fps at the maximum are allowed

• Please do not use hard-coded URLs in the flash creative

• Users have to be able to click through transparent elements to get to the content of the site


• The CPU-usage can only raise up to 10%-points on an average processor when displaying the ad


• Clickable areas are obliged to be defined as a button. Please use the actionscript setURL:

ActionScript 2

on (release) {



ActionScript 3 (Flash 9 or 10)

var clicktag:String=root.loaderInfo.parameters.clicktag;


// function performed in response to the event

function onClic(pEvt:Event):void {

var redirect:URLRequest = new URLRequest( clicktag );

navigateToURL (redirect, target);


Button_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClic);

// button_btn is an example for an existing button name in the creative


• Banner with more clickable buttons should use this sequence: clicktag1, clicktag2, clicktag3… starting with clicktag1

• Maximal 5 buttons are allowed

Expandable Ads:

• Creative opens per onmouseover or onclick (expand) and closes (collapse) per onmouseout or onclick on close-button

• A close-button is only necessary when expanding is initiated per onclick and/or it is a pre-expandable

• It‘s not possible that in a Tandem Ad (e.g. wallpaper) the expanding part is controlled by the other part (e.g. onmouseover on superbanner leads to expanding skyscraper)

• Please deliver the ad in one file

• Pre-Expanding is allowed and always equipped with a capping of 1/day. In this case the ad opens automatically when the user visits the site, stays expanded for 10 seconds and collapses. The user can close the ad prematurely on his own by clicking on the close-button

• Command for expanding: fscommand(„expand“)

• Command for collapsing: fscommand(„collapse“)

Technologies - Flash

Layer Ads:

• Transparent elements are not allowed to have clickable buttons and users must be able to click through to to the content

• Alternatively we recommend half-transparent color for this elements

• There has to be a good cognizable close-button on the right („X“, „Schließen“, „schliessen“)

• The layer must automatically close after 10 seconds

• Fake content is not allowed

• Please always transmit positioning variables when sending a redirect

• Standard-measure: 400 x 400px


Flash < Version 8

on (release) {

getURL("javascript: pub_ist_hd()");


Flash >= Version 8

on (release) {"pub_ist_hd")



• Sound can only start on user-interaction (onmouseover/onclick) and not automatically with an animation

• No looping allowed

• The ad needs to have a good recognizable symbol at which the sound can be started and stopped (e.g. loudspeakersymbol)

• The loudness must be acceptable


• We only accept the delivery of streaming ads per redirect

• The maximum of 10 Mb total weight may not be exceeded (polite download), initial load see the standard weight of each


• Maximum animation time: 30 seconds

• Looping just once

• If Video starts automatically, audio only on user interaction

• If Video starts per user interaction, audio can start automatically

2. SSL - ability

From now on (May 2016) all campaign components (Script-, iFrame-, Redirect-Tags, Agency pixel etc.) have to be HTTPS-compatible.

All ressources have to be hosted on a SSL- certificated server.

Available objects for this ad-type
  other_object_pic   abendblatt
Dimensions: 1110x90 / 160x600 Pixel or 1150x90 / 200x600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   autobild
Dimensions: 1020x90 / max. 210x690 Pixel
  other_object_pic   B.Z. Berlin
Dimensions: 140x90 / 200x652 Pixel
  other_object_pic   BILD
Dimensions: 728x90 (max. 1017x120) / 120x600 Pixel (max. 200x954 Pixel )
  other_object_pic   bildderfrau
Dimensions: 1024x90 px / 200x600 px
  other_object_pic   Business Insider
Dimensions: see individual formats below
Dimensions: Superbanner: 900x90 px, Skyscraper: max. 210x690 px
  other_object_pic   combinations
Dimensions: 984x90 / 210x600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   Comedy Central
Dimensions: Superbanner 728x90px, Skyscraper 160x600px
  other_object_pic   computerbild
Dimensions: 1230x90 / 210x690
  other_object_pic   derwesten
Dimensions: see individual formats below
Dimensions: see individual formats below
Dimensions: 1040 x 90 + max. 210 x 600 px
  other_object_pic   Game One
Dimensions: Superbanner 728x90px, Skyscraper 160x600px
  other_object_pic   gofeminin
Dimensions: 728x90 / 160x600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   hoerzu
Dimensions: 928x90 / 200x600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   Mediengruppe Thüringen Digital
Dimensions: see individual formats below
  other_object_pic   meinestadt
Dimensions: 728x90 / 160x600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   metal-hammer
Dimensions: 1160x90 / 200x600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   morgenpost
Dimensions: 1110x90 / 160x600 Pixel
Dimensions: 1040 x 90 + max. 210 x 600 px
  other_object_pic   MTV
Dimensions: Superbanner 728x90px, Skyscraper 160x600px
  other_object_pic   musikexpress
Dimensions: 1160x90 / 200x600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   My Entdecker
Dimensions: see individual formats below
  other_object_pic   nickelodeon
Dimensions: Superbanner 728x90px, Skyscraper 160x600px
  other_object_pic   NOIZZ
Dimensions: Max. 1220x120 / 200x954 Pixel
  other_object_pic   Onmeda
Dimensions: 796x90 / 250x640 Pixel
  other_object_pic   Reviersport
Dimensions: see individual formats below
  other_object_pic   rollingstone
Dimensions: 1160x90 / 200x600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   Run of Portfolio
Dimensions: 984x90 / 210x600 Pixel
Dimensions: 728x90 / 160x600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   SPORT1
Dimensions: Min. 728x90 / 160x600 Pixel / Max. 1030x120 / 160x600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   sportbild
Dimensions: 1024x90 / 200x600 Pixel
Dimensions: Min. 728x90 / 120x600 Pixel / Max. 1017x120 / 200x954 Pixel
  other_object_pic   Stylebook
Dimensions: 1240x90 px / 200x600 px
  other_object_pic   Techbook
Dimensions: 1220x90 / 200x600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   Transfermarkt
Dimensions: 1034 x 90 / 160 x 600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   Travelbook
Dimensions: 1240x90 px / 200x600 px
  other_object_pic   tvdigital
Dimensions: 1140x90 / 200x600 Pixel
  other_object_pic   tvdirekt
Dimensions: see individual formats below
  other_object_pic   VIVA
Dimensions: Superbanner 728x90px, Skyscraper 160x600px
  other_object_pic   WELT DIGITAL
Dimensions: 1170x90 / 200x600 or 1130x90 / 160x600 Pixel