Exclusive programmatic DOOH marketing of the ISM network throughout Germany by Media Impact / FRAMEN / The cooperation includes all of the approximately 850 outdoor displays at Shell gas stations in Germany for high-reach, local, regional and national advertising campaigns / Attention-grabbing DOOH spaces at gas stations ensure high advertising impact

A new chapter begins: The DOOH systems specialist, ISM, hands over the marketing of the nationwide Shell gas station display network to Media Impact / FRAMEN. Nationwide, the network comprises 850 large-format outdoor Shell stations. Germany’s largest cross-media marketer Media Impact, together with FRAMEN’s programmatic DOOH platform, is now marketing the screens for local, regional and national advertising campaigns. Previously, marketing was handled by ISM on its own as well as with various partners. In the future, ISM will focus on building new networks, including project management and operations. “Marketing is only one part of our business and we are pleased that we were able to hand over exactly this part to the best partner,” says Alexander Erraß, Managing Director of ISM. “Working with Media Impact / FRAMEN gives us even more space to drive expansion in the gas station sector nationally and internationally.” Carsten Schwecke, CEO Media Impact: “The cooperation with ISM and the marketing of the DOOH spaces at Shell gas stations is a ‘perfect fit’ for us. Especially for local advertisers there are great opportunities to reach their target groups here. This strengthens our 360-degree marketing approach. We offer our customers and the agencies in the environment of our outstanding regional and national editorial content reliably strong coverage and high advertising effects on all channels from a single source.”
High attention during refueling
In contrast to typical fast-traffic locations in road traffic, the DOOH network at and in gas stations is characterized by high attention: The captive moment is significantly longer. While refueling or in the store at the checkout, customers wait and have the displays directly in focus: the average viewing time is four minutes per customer and visit. The erected high-brightness displays in 75″ or 85″ as well as inward and outward beaming displays in 46″ offer optimal image quality due to weather resistance as well as automatic brightness adjustment and, last but not least, the highly visible placement perfectly showcases brands. Gas stations are not only system-relevant touch points that did not experience a decline in customers in Corona times, often the point of information is also a point of sale. This playout environment lends itself to local retail and cultural offers, insurance, fast-moving consumer goods such as snacks, drinks and magazines, entertainment, mobility, sports, travel and many more. Last but not least, the Shell network as a premium gas station also offers premium products.
Programmatic connection via FRAMEN
To enable programmatic DOOH marketing, the service station network has now been connected to the Framen.com platform. Advertisers such as agencies, corporations as well as medium-sized and small companies book their campaigns either digitally via the recently launched FRAMEN Ads Manager or via a personal consultant. Through the intelligent software, the playout is optimized that a reference and thus a relevance of message and viewer is established. Dimitri Gärtner, CEO of FRAMEN GmbH: “We ‘shorten’ the waiting time of the refueling process with advertising and entertainment. Brands use context and want to broadcast advertising at the right time in the right place. We are pleased to make another location type of efficient outdoor advertising at high-traffic locations accessible to advertisers with the touchpoint gas station.”