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The digital platform of the AUTO BILD Group

Concept, the digital platform of the AUTO BILD Group, is the leading provider of editorial contents on the Internet for all aspects of cars.

About 15,000 articles, 120,000 pictures and more than 1,000 videos, as well as the latest technical applications and services, make the competent and objective guide to all issues of mobility.

  • More than 15,000 articles and 120,000 pictures
  • Germany’s most extensive archive of tests and test driver reports
  • Classifieds for used cars

Target Group

  • 76% of the users are men
  • 66% of the users are 20 to 49 years old 
  • 67% of the users have a NHI of € 2,000 and more 
  • 41% of the users have a PNI of € 2,000 and more

*Source: AGOF internet facts 2014-09, Basis Onliner all german 14 years and above 52,79 m., time period: Ø-month

Key Data

  • Unique Users*: 4,29 Mio.
  • Visits**: 18.097.357
  • PageImpressions**:  142.747.072
  • Newsletter-Subscribers: 300.000

*Source: AGOF internet facts 2014-09, single month, basis: all german 10 years and above (55,62m)

**Source: IVW November 2014

Rates and Forms of Advertising

The rate for the placement of advertising media is calculated from the CPM of the desired advertising forms and the number of ad impressions (AIs):

Rate Example for Super Banner
Number of AIs: 100,000
Format: 728 x 90 Super Banner
Placement: Homepage
CPM: € 40
Calculation: 100,000 * 40 / 1000
Costs: € 4,000

visual example for a homepage event with advertisement formats double content ad + wallpaper



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