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Digital Facts

Unique User Digital
20.88 M.

Unique User Stationary
11.08 M.

Unique User Mobile
13.19 M.

Source: AGOF daily digital facts March 2018, basis: digital WNK 10 years and older, single month March



WELT Digital

WELT Digital pools TV, online, mobile and app presentations under a strong, multimedia brand standing for progressive, high-value and dynamic subjects on all channels. (stationary and mobile)

  • In September 2016, the two fastest-growing portals in the last 12 months were merged in a new product, the modern portal of the leading media brand, uniting all channels (print, digital and TV).
  • Video: provides all important stories also as video and thus uses the power as Germany’s top TV news channel. Plus a media library with a unique range of features (instant restart, 360 player).
  • Live: is always live, with the latest live tickers, live streams on breaking news or the current TV programme.
  • Orientation: offers content orientation and has strong convictions as well as being diverse. Our contents are curated according to news and relevant interest areas – including various new features, such as NEWScheck and the summary for fast readers.
  • Community: Our community is part of WELT, as we have developed the product together with our users

News App (Smartphone App)

  • Whether politics, economy or multimedia – the news app of WELT provides you with news directly on your smartphone. Find out first what happens in the world
  • Clearly structured and compact, with fast access to the main functions, for example newsticker, video center and saved articles

WELT Edition (Tablet App)

  • Multimedia preparation of high-quality news for the modern (newspaper) reader.
  • The product was optimized for users who want to enjoy our contents on tablet and smartphone. Additional reports incl. impressive pictures from theme areas


Clemens Meran

Clemens Meran
Unit Manager WELT Digital

Axel-Springer-Str. 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 76880

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