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Digital Facts

Unique User Digital
2.22 million

Unique User Desktop
1.22 million

Unique User Mobile
1.09 million

Source: AGOF digital facts 2017-01, Basis: broadest digital audience (WNK) 14+ years, individual month



Sportbild Digital

Concept is the online portal of Europe's biggest sports magazine.
Users find the best and most exclusive information from the world of sports here.
Reportages, background reports, interviews and facts of top athletes are presented passionately and dramatically.
The reader becomes an insider on the topic of sports with SportBild.


  • … uncovers things.
  • … is famous for strong background reports.
  • … tells stories like no one else.

Use our wide range of presenting possibilities for all major sports events:

  • German Football Bundesliga
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • Formula 1 season
  • UEFA EURO 2016


Nico Bitterlich

Nico Bitterlich
Junior Marketing Manager & BILD Sportvermarktung

Axel-Springer-Straße 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 79474

+49 151 44047136

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