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Czech Republic

Society, Culture and Politics


Reflex (CZ)


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  • Social weekly which always goes right to the bottom of the matter and is not afraid of confrontation
  • Provides intelligent readers with an original and new perspectives on current social, cultural and political topics, thus co-creating public opinion
  • Introduces Czech and world celebrities and offers a new perspective on the world and lifestyle

Key Data and Rates

Launch Year Frequency Ø Net Paid Circulation (2013) 1/1 Page 4c (2014) Copypreis (2014)
1990 weekly 57,507 CZK 240,000.00*
EUR 8,728.86**
CZK 40,00

*Subject to alteration, errors excepted

**The at the day of actual booking respectively valid exchange rates apply

Source: Publisher’s data, ABC CR 1-11 2013 - Net paid circulation (average figures)


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Lena Catherine Sachse

Lena Catherine Sachse
International Sales Manager

Axel-Springer-Straße 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 72561

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