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Novy Cas Nedela (SK)

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Sunday Newspaper

Novy Cas Nedel'a

Novy Cas Nedela (SK)


Sunday Newspaper



  • The weekly published on Sunday and is thus the only Sunday paper in Slovakia
  • Dedicated to people who are interested in social and cultural life and in reading periodicals also on Sundays, monitoring the current weekend events or sport results

Key Data and Rates

Launch Year Frequency Ø Net Paid Circulation (June - Sept. 2015)* Ø Reach per issue (June - Sept. 2015)** 1/1 Page 4c (2016) Copy Price (2015)
2005 weekly 39,453 copies 1.6% € 4,650 € 0,70

*Subject to alteration, errors excepted

Sources: *ABC SR **MML - Median SK


Additional Information

Further information on the AS Online Portfolio can be found here


Lena Catherine Sachse

Lena Catherine Sachse
International Sales Manager

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