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The magazine for trend-conscious opinion leaders


Editorial Concept

Whether fashion, design, or hi-tech – the most exciting impulses for all aspects of the modern, urban and digital lifestyle come from pop culture. More than ever, its emotional centre is the music.

The highly creative interaction between pop culture and lifestyle is reflected in a magazine that gets to the point of events in the music scene in a competent, involved way and communicates trends before they become widespread.

Passion and a joy of expressing opinions develop in the magazine on the basis of first-class journalism that sets much-discussed highlights through columns with a cult character, major exclusive interviews, detailed dossiers and unusual on-site reports. Trendy, music-affine presented fashion spreads also provide optically attractive lifestyle accents.

MUSIKEXPRESS is now the magazine for trend-conscious opinion leaders among the young adult music fans.

Key Data

  • First day of sales: Thursday
  • Publication: Monthly
  • Copy price: € 6.90 (incl. CD)
  • Sold circulation IVW III/2016: 51.085 copies
  • ad rate, 1/1 page 4c: € 10,300
  • Reach according to AWA 2016: 0.5 % / 0.32 million

Download English Rate Card 2015 here.

Rate Card No. 40, valid as of 01.01.2015


Eva Dahlke

Eva Dahlke
Head of Marketing Luxury and Lifestyle

Mehringdamm 33
10961 Berlin

030 308 81 88 230


Benedikt Faerber

Benedikt Faerber
General Manager International Sales

Axel-Springer-Straße 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 72569