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WELT Hamburg

DIE WELT Collective Edition Hamburg



DIE WELT and DIE WELT Kompakt are complemented in the north of Germany by the regional edition for Hamburg.

While the editorial department of the WELT GROUP reports on topics from all over the world, the regional editions determine the up-to-date news from the Hamburg region. Events from politics, business, sports and culture are in the foreground here – with a regional and local relevance. These topics and contents serve the readers‘ desire for information about what is happening "on their doorstep."

Hamburg has the unique combination of DIE WELT with DIE WELT Kompakt. The name for the mutual booking unit: DIE WELT Collective Edition Hamburg. WELT Kompakt in a handy tabloid format is especially oriented towards the generation of readers who want quick and simultaneously high-quality access to information.  

Also see: Portrait of WELT am SONNTAG Hamburg  

2016 Rates and Formats

Format DIE WELT Collective Edition Hamburg*
1/1 page, 4c 17,740.80 €
3 text columns / 250 mm 5,887.50 €

WELT-Gruppe Rate Card No. 94  is valid as of January 1, 2016
All rates in €, plus VAT



WELT-Gruppe Rate Card No. 94    

Key Data

  • Publication: DIE WELT Monday - Saturday, DIE WELT Kompakt Monday - Friday
  • Copy price: DIE WELT Mon-Fri € 2.50, Sat € 2.70, DIE WELT Kompakt € 1.00
  • Sold circulation (IVW III/2015, Mon-Fri):
    40.617 copies of DIE WELT Collective Edition Hamburg*
  • Reach (ma 2015 Tageszeitungen, area of circulation):
    163,000 readers DIE WELT Colective Edition Hamburg*   


DIE WELT Collective Edition Hamburg Readers in K Structures in %
Total 163 100
Gender Men 96 59
Women 66 41
Age 30-59 years 91 56
Net household income € 3,000 and more 87 53
Occupation Decision-Makers 36 22
Education University-entrance exam, university 99 61

Source: ma 2015 Tageszeitungen, area of circulation: DIE WELT Collective Edition Hamburg
Decision-Makers = Self-employed, freelancers, executives professionals employees and senior civil servants

* DIE WELT Collective Edition Hamburg = DIE WELT Hamburg + DIE WELT Kompakt Hamburg

Contact for regional campaigns

Kirsten Meurers
Anzeigenleiterin WELT/WELT am SONNTAG Regionalausgaben

Axel-Springer-Platz 1
20350 Hamburg

+49 40 347 27381

+49 40 347 27388

Contact for national campaigns

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