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Germany talks about this - BILD am SONNTAG


That’s what Germany talks about!

8,39 million readers* use Germany‘s largest Sunday newspaper so that they start each week as well-informed as possible.

Because BILD am SONNTAG already sets the topics on Sunday that Germany will be talking about during the week.

BILD am SONNTAG activates, exposes and illuminates. It is a critical observer, sports reporter and professional guide for all areas of life.

  • Up-to-Date and Exclusive
    BILD am SONNTAG has the hottest news and exclusive interviews from politics, business and sports. And it has a clear opinion!
  • Diverse and Informative
    Everyone can find their topic in BILD am SONNTAG. Competently prepared and clearly segmented, BILD am SONNTAG presents all of the relevant topics – also from the areas of entertainment, guides and the world of the VIPs.
  • Guidance is a Top Priority for us
    Whether health, nutrition, automobile, travel, multimedia, garden, animals, money and law or fashion – BILD am SONNTAG offers help and advice for every area of life. The big guide section condenses the most important topics without cutting back on the facts.
  • And: Close up and Emotional
    BILD am SONNTAG speaks the language of the readers, is involved with their very own interests and describes their fates.

Unique – for your advertising!

  • This unparalleled editorial concept captivates the BILD am SONNTAG readers and ensures the highest degree of attention on every page – and you benefit from this!
  • Simply huge – in reach and cost effectiveness.
  • In the Sunday environment, without stress and a flood of information, people finally have time to plan their holidays or larger purchases. Studies have shown: Especially on Sunday, print advertising has an especially lasting effect.
  • High relevance for Germany’s men through the extensive sports section.
  • High relevance for Germany’s women through the big guide section and VIP coverage.
  • Attention-grabbing placements and special forms of advertising.

People select, review and make decisions on Sundays. Be a part of it!

*ma 2016 Pressemedien I

Basic Data

Founding year:  1956

Guaranteed sold circulation: 9500,000 copies

Publication: Weekly /Sundays

Journal size: Nordic tabloid

Copy price: € 1.85

Distribution region: Germany

2016 Rates and Formats

BILD am SONNTAG Rate Card No. 57a valid as of 01.01.2016

All rates in €, plus VAT


Men 67 49
Women 33 51
Age Groups
14-19 years 3 7
20-29 years 11 14
30-39 years 13 14
40-49 years 19 18
50-59 years 19 18
60-69 years 15 13
70 yeras and older 19 18
Net household income
Up to € 1,000 5 7
€ 1,000 to under € 1,250 5 5
€ 1,250 to under € 1,500 7 7
€ 1,500 to under € 2,000 19 16
€ 2,000 to under € 2,500 19 17
€ 2,500 and more 45 48

Composition in %

Basis: german-speaking population 14 years and older (69,24 million)

Source: ma 2016 Pressemedien I


Contact for national campaigns

Florian Klages

Florian Klages
Managing Director Marketing

Axel-Springer-Straße 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 79902

Contact for national campaigns

Benedikt Faerber

Benedikt Faerber
General Manager International Sales

Axel-Springer-Straße 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 72569

+49 30 2591 72555