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Germany talks about this - BILD am SONNTAG


Germany on Sunday – BILD am SONNTAG

… when the topics that Germany will be talking about during the week are already set on Sunday!

... when your heartbeat increases as you open it and 8.60 million readers sit in eager anticipation of a wide range of topics.

... when journalism creates those “aha” moments, because all the relevant news from politics and business are just as first-hand as the exciting culture and sports stories.

... when small stories leave a big impression, because the editorial team reports at eye level and always portrays life authentically and from a personal perspective, so that everyone can relate to it.

... when a million men cheer for 11 men as they read the sports supplement, within which you can find current sporting events, gripping meetings and exclusive interviews.

BILD am SONNTAG received multiple awards for its journalistic performance, unusual layouts and for the best sports section of a weekly publication or magazine (German sports journalism award). The awards also included 2 Lead Awards (Germany), 10 European Newspaper Awards and 7 SND Awards of Excellence (USA).

No other medium has published more exclusive stories and no other Sunday newspaper was quoted more often last year than BILD am SONNTAG.**

No other weekly paper is as quick and up-to-date as BILD am SONNTAG: The time between the copy deadline and the moment in which you hold the printed BILD am SONNTAG in your hands is just a few hours.

BILD am SONNTAG – Germany's Biggest Sunday Newspaper!

Source: * ma 2018 Pressemedien I; ** Media-Tenor-Zitate Ranking

Unique – for your advertising!

  • This unparalleled editorial concept captivates the BILD am SONNTAG readers and ensures the highest degree of attention on every page – and you benefit from this!
  • Simply huge – in reach and cost effectiveness.
  • In the Sunday environment, without stress and a flood of information, people finally have time to plan their holidays or larger purchases. Studies have shown: Especially on Sunday, print advertising has an especially lasting effect.
  • High relevance for Germany’s men through the extensive sports section.
  • High relevance for Germany’s women through the big guide section and VIP coverage.
  • Attention-grabbing placements and special forms of advertising.

People select, review and make decisions on Sundays. Be a part of it!

Basic Data

Founding year:  1956

Publication: Weekly /Sundays

Journal size: Nordic tabloid

Copy price: € 2.10

Distribution region: Germany

2018 Rates and Formats

BILD am SONNTAG Rate Card 2018

All rates in €, plus VAT


Men 67 49
Women 33 51
Age Groups
14-19 years 3 7
20-29 years 9 14
30-39 years 12 14
40-49 years 17 16
50-59 years 21 18
60-69 years 16 13
70 yeras and older 22 18
Net household income
Up to € 1,000 7 8
€ 1,000 to under € 1,500 14 12
€ 1,500 to under € 2,000 16 13
€ 2,000 to under € 2,500 16 14
€ 2,500 to under € 3,000 12 12
€ 3,000 and more 36 40

Composition in %

Basis: german-speaking population 14 years and older (70,09 million)

Source: ma 2018 Pressemedien I



Stephan Madel

Stephan Madel
Head of Marketing BILD Division

Axel-Springer-Str. 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 76726

+49 30 2591 73770

Contact for national campaigns

Benedikt Faerber

Benedikt Faerber
General Manager International Sales

Axel-Springer-Straße 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 72569


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