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The unmistakable design with bold headlines and a high share of pictures, the lively editorial style and the attractive mix of topics: All of this makes BILD HALLE so unique for the readership that it quite consciously decides to buy it again every day.

Buy - read - buy: Benefit from the successful mode of action and an exciting environment that reflects on your advertisements and inserts.

BILD Works!

Key Data:

  • Publication: Every day (Mon - Sat)
  • Copy price: € 0.75
  • Sold circulation: 42,941 copies (IVW 3rd quarter 2016)
  • Reach: 238,000 (ma 2016)

Distribution Region:

Contact for regional campaigns

Friedrich-Wilhelm Welge
Head of Marketing

Charlottenstraße 7
06108 Halle

+49 345 21198 40

+49 345 51269 33