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BILANZ - the German Business Magazine will appear as a supplement with 10 editions  per year, every first Friday per month in WELT Total.

BILANZ presents exclusive and investigative inside stories on theeconomy and its movers and shakers because it is independent, has excellent networks, is critical/competent and focused on the business elite: in an understandable and lively language.

BILANZ covers all facets of economic events: research from the corporate scene, analyses from the realm of economics, service for investments and advice on how to tastefully spend money.

BILANZ performs highest-quality and most demanding economic journalism in magazine form and simultaneously cultivates an international look. A special focus of BILANZ is on ratings and rankings in very diverse areas: hotels, airlines, private banks, funds, business reports and the most powerful business people.


Further information:

Keyfacts BILANZ 2016


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Rates and Formats in 2016

Size in Page Sections Formats (Bleed)(Anschnitt) Gross Rates
2/1 page 430 mm x 265 mm 36,613.00 €
1/1 page 215 mm x 265 mm 21,545.00 €
1/2 page (high) 108 mm x 265 m 12,895.00 €
1/3 page (high) 72 mm x 265 mm 9,550.00 €

All rates in €, plus VAT


Key Data

  • Publication: every first friday of the month*
  • Reach of DIE WELT Collective Edition*: 668,000 readers DIE WELT Collective Editon (ma 2015 Daily Newspapers)
  • Sold circulation: 187,866 copies DIE WELT Collective Edition* (IVW IV/2015, Mon.-Fri.)


Readership of DIE WELT

DIE WELT Collective Edition* Readers in K Structures in %
Total 668 100
Gender Men 430 64
Women 239 36
Age 30-59 years 386 58
Net household income € 3,000 and more 345 52
Occupation Decision-Makers 178 27
Education University-entrance exam, university 444 66

Source: ma 2015 Tageszeitungen
Decision-Makers = Self-employed, freelancers, executives professionals employees and senior civil servants

*DIE WELT Collective Edition = DIE WELT + DIE WELT Kompakt

Contact for national campaigns

Benedikt Faerber

Benedikt Faerber
General Manager International Sales

Axel-Springer-Straße 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 72569

+49 30 2591 72555