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BILANZ stands for high-quality business journalism and intelligent entertainment in a magazine format that is characterised by the personal touch of Editor-in-Chief Klaus Boldt. BILANZ is critical, investigative and demanding, but also brash, egocentric and ironic when necessary. Business is much too important to not be fun.

BILANZ is endowed with a high-quality visual appearance – renowned illustrators, photographers and internationally acclaimed columnists work for BILANZ.

BILANZ views itself as the monthly business magazine for professional decision-makers and a readership with a high level of consumption and buying power that is interested in more than just business. BILANZ core-readers are the eliste clientele of DIE WELT Readership.

BILANZ is characterised by a modern topic mix that consists of business, innovation, culture, travel, design, style, food and drink.

BILANZ is published ten times a year every first Friday as a magazine in the newspaper DIE WELT and Welt Kompakt. As of January 2017 BILANZ will be published every last Friday of the month. BILANZ is supplement and stand alone monthly magazine at the newsstand. BILANZ is distributed at selected newsstands at the airport and trainstations.


Further information:

Keyfacts BILANZ 2017


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Rates and Formats in 2017

Size in Page Sections Formats (Bleed) Gross Rates
2/1 page 430 mm x 265 mm 37,464.00 €
1/1 page 215 mm x 265 mm 22,046.00 €
1/2 page (high) 108 mm x 265 m 13,195.00 €
1/3 page (high) 72 mm x 265 mm 9,772.00 €

All rates in €, plus VAT


Key Data

  • Publication: every last friday of the month* and on the following saturday on the market
  • Reach of DIE WELT Collective Edition**: 673,000 readers DIE WELT Collective Editon (AWA 2017)
  • Sold circulation: 171,433 copies DIE WELT Collective Edition**(IVW II/2017, Mon.-Fri.)
  • decision makers DIE WELT Collective Edition*: 337,000 (LAE 2017)


Readership of DIE WELT

DIE WELT Collective Edition* structure in % index
Gender men 67 137
women 33 64
Age 30-59 years 50 103
Education University-entrance exam, university 54 195
Net household income 4.000 Euro and more 39 195
Socioeconomic status Level 1+2 52 227

Source: AWA 2017, basis 673,000 DIE WELT Collective Edition readers; index values, total population = 100

*There will be only one issue in January/February and July/August.

**DIE WELT Collective Edition = DIE WELT + DIE WELT Kompakt

Contact for national campaigns

 Kai Ehrenschneider-Brinkmann

Kai Ehren-schneider-Brinkmann
Head of Advertising WELT

Axel-Springer-Str. 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 73839

+49 30 2591 73846

Contact for national campaigns

Benedikt Faerber

Benedikt Faerber
General Manager International Sales

Axel-Springer-Straße 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 72569

+49 30 2591 72555