Zeit für mich is the new high-quality women’s magazine that accompanies the reader during a time of many changes. Starting at 50, a new period of life begins: new priorities, ideas, opportunities and challenges.

Zeit für mich is a multifaceted magazine for the women who has already had many experiences but also has a lot ahead of her. She knows what life is all about. In the middle of her life, she takes time for herself and everything that life has to offer.

Zeit für mich gives advice, supports, entertains and picks up the reader where she is in her respective life situation – always positive, down-to-earth and at the same level with the reader.

Zeit für mich offers what this target group with above-average buying power loves, month after month: emotional reports about people who interest women 50+, exciting interviews with celebrities who actually have something to say, fashion that inspires and fits, beauty tips that invite the reader to try them out and a 20-page removable recipe insert as an extra – delicious cuisine with health bonus to indulge in and enjoy.