Nutrition is the new “Holy Grail” and a lifestyle. Paying attention to nutrition to be attractive, young and healthy has long since not been an unachievable goal.

Apart from there being many ideas about nutrition, however, there are ever new trends coming on to the market, from step counters to food supplements, diets of various kinds to super foods. Who can keep track of everything?

That is precisely where Super You comes in. The new magazine for intelligent nutrition analyses the material in its entire depth and guides the reader through the jungle of food trends. With a twinkle in the eye, without finger-wagging. Very opulent visually, as befits a lifestyle title. And offering a full range of subjects, presenting the whole field of health style, from great beauty recipes and for example sustainable fashion to food trends and travel.

The magazine is oriented basically to women aged 25-55 who want to live as long as possible in good health, but feel disconcerted and disoriented because of all the conflicting styles of nutrition and information provided. They pay conscious attention to healthy nutrition and find it vital to do something for their physical and psychological well-being.

Further information is given on Instagram.

Super You is a brand of EAT CLUB.