EAT CLUB. You better trust in Taste

The EAT CLUB bookazine series “How … tastes” is published four times a year, always with a new, special subject. The absolutely new, special creations are inspiring and whet our appetite for trying out and enjoying the various recipes that are showcased.

All ideas – for a festive menu, cosy meal with friends, breakfast, brunch or quick meal – are presented by the editorial staff in recipes that are unusual, surprising and delicious and motivate us to do some cooking.

Fine, sophisticated dishes alternate with seasonal delicacies and ideas for mouthwatering desserts.

The EAT CLUB bookazines are oriented mainly to modern, educated, affluent women.

These persons will go for this bookazine in the shops because it attracts their attention with its modern look and variety of subjects and because they enjoy trying out something new.