Life is what you make it

Editorial concept

We have reinterpreted the woman of action.

In myself. Women of action are those who enjoy every facet of life: in their career, their private life and their style…. while staying completely true to themselves at the same time.

myself speaks to women who are living by the motto of being who, what and how they want to be. Celebrating each of their facets. Discovering, conquering and developing their own diversity. Not letting anyone pigeonhole them into grids, roles or rules. But still staying ambitious and wanting to optimise themselves.

In their private life, their style and on the job. Just for themselves. Not for others.

Read all about it – surprisingly illuminating business topics and true to life interviews put the focus on the inner attitude, the true self.

myself has it all – in form of journalistic quality that tells stories, explains, inspires and involves.

  • Live yourself – myself wants to be read. As a glossy brand with depth.
  • With this claim, myself gets to the heart of
  • its aspiration: to be herself is the best thing that a woman
  • can do. This is about the art of the individual style but never about artificial perfection.