LandIDEE Altes Wissen is the Line-Extension of the column "Altes Wissen" from LandIDEE

LandIDEE Altes Wissen picks up the trend of “Life Hacks” and conveys the topic in the high-quality and trustworthy LandIDEE presentation.The tips and tricks, which were already resource-saving and sustainable in grandma’s time, are now more up-to-date than ever.

LandIDEE Altes Wissen collects the high-quality contents of LandIDEE from the fields of household, nutrition, garden and naturopathy and prepares them in a user-friendly way under the aspect of “grandma’s tricks rediscovered“.Traditional remedies and homespun remedies are presented in a contemporary way and supposedly lost knowledge is rediscovered together with the reader.

Old knowledge -rediscovered! What Grandma already knew and is still up to date.