die aktuelle Krimi is THE MAGAZINE for real crime thriller fans who are interested in True Crime Stories and secretly become investigators themselves while reading them.

In each issue, prominent criminal cases such as the case of Josef Fritzl, Marilyn Monroe or Charles Manson are reopened.

What were the perpetrator’s motives? Was it greed, revenge or jealousy Fascinating human destinies and mental abysses are presented here in an exciting way and questions such as “What makes a person a murderer or a victim?“ are handled.


die aktuelle Krimi this is best crime thriller entertainment and pure excitement. In addition to the real cases, the reader is also involved in puzzles and guessing thrillers and he learns more about the world of police work or about heroes from criminal history.


Main topics:

-Real murders around celebrities

-Cross-examination: terms of criminalistics explained

-Searching for clues: photographic evidence and their stories

-Crime scene: Germany’s most dangerous places

-Rate Crime & Puzzle Entertainment: Reader Investigator Quiz

-Crime thrill: Book and TV tips

-Criminally stupid: the stupidest crooks