Editorial Concept

BILD der FRAU is the versatile informative and entertaining magazine for women who are in charge of their own lives.
It covers the complete spectrum of life in a clear, smart and competent way – and always with heart!

BILD der FRAU has an outstanding guide function that can be found in all categories and sections of the magazine.

BILD der FRAU helps with everyday decisions. Examples of this are sections such as Verbraucher aktuell (Consumer Now) or Was koche ich morgen? (What Should I Cook Tomorrow?).

BILD der FRAU is relaxing and entertaining – with columns, exclusive interviews and wellness & photo reports.

BILD der FRAU takes its readers’ problems and concerns seriously. It offers strength and self-confidence, as well as providing self-help information.

BILD der FRAU conveys values, takes its own stand and gets involved. This is represented by the many current topics and campaigns in the magazine.

BILD der FRAU lets its readers have a say – for example, in sections such as Ihre Meinung Aktuell (Your Current Opinion) and Frauen helfen Frauen (Women Help Women).

BILD der FRAU promotes long-term charitable and socio-political commitment with the GOLDENE BILD der FRAU – Germany’s biggest prize for women is awarded annually to five women honored for their extraordinary achievements as volunteers.