AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD is Europe’s leading test magazine for all topics related to modern entertainment electronics.

With well-founded field tests created by experienced specialist editors and sophisticated measurements in ISO-certified laboratories, AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD delivers competent purchasing advice for the broadest ranges of consumers.

With its topical, thematically broadly diversified concept, AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD serves experienced, technology-oriented hobbyists, brand- and quality-conscious users, as well as price-/service-oriented consumers all at one and the same time. In addition to test competence and purchase advising, AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD offers comprehensive advisors and instructions for all topics covered in the magazine. Easily comprehensible, step-by-step instructions help the reader to use his or her devices optimally – thus, even beginners can manage complicated technology.

In the comprehensive section “New Products & Trends”, the editorial staff presents devices even before their introduction into the market. In the large portfolio “Film, Music, TV”, the user will see which new DVDs, Blu-rays, and CDs make for worthwhile purchases. Experts thus check all important new appearances for content-related and technical quality. AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD appears monthly in two versions: without a data carrier, and with a DVD (with a complete feature film and attractive PC software).