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€ 2.00
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914,181 copies
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3.63 Mio.
Sources: *IVW III. Q. 2019, **ma 2019 Presse II


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€ 51,500
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€ 44,340
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Contact Person

Julia Hartz von Zacharewicz
Julia Hartz von Zacharewicz
Head of Auto/Telekommunikation/Finanzen/14tgl. Programm

Editorial Concept

No other weekly TV guide reaches more readers within the Winning Generation – the better-educated adult generation that has above-average income in upper level professions and therefore achieves a higher social status.

HÖRZU stands for quality and high user value. The editorial concepts emphasise key topics that are customised for the Winning Generation.

The key part is the programme section, which provides clear orientation on TV and radio offers through its up-to-date, clearly arranged and detailed programme information. It also recommends worthwhile broadcasts that especially interest the Winning Generation with its sophisticated and selective TV viewing.

The main editorial focus of the cover section – which presents a target-group-oriented mix of topics – is popular knowledge topics from the areas of nature, research, history and science. A special emphasis is placed on exclusivity.

Prominent authors and experts from the areas of health, medicine, environment, nature, psychology, travel, enjoyment and finance represent the core competence of HÖRZU.

They assume the continuous sponsorship of the use and service topics, strengthening their credibility.

The magazine’s overall look is opulent. It presents premium-quality positive and emotional imagery.




Contact Person

Fellin  Wolter
Fellin Wolter
Head of International Sales

In addition to marketing the German portfolio of Axel Springer and the Funke Media Group, the Media Impact International Sales division is also responsible for the marketing of international media.

The cross-media activities are concentrated in Eastern Europe in the countries of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia (Ringier Axel Springer).

Some of Axel Springer Deutschland’s media services also appear abroad in the form of licensed editions (AUTO BILD, COMPUTER BILD).

Furthermore, Media Impact International Sales is responsible for marketing POLITICO, a joint venture of Axel Springer and POLITICO in the USA. POLITICO has become one of the most influential news sources in Brussels thanks to its unique perspective on European politics and its extensive portfolio of websites, newsletters, print newspapers and specialist services. Although can be accessed in all countries, a newspaper is also available in Brussels, Berlin, London, Paris and elsewhere.

Please contact us for offers and further details on the international portfolio.