On November 22, 2019, the first International Music Award (IMA) took place. A music award like no other, because it honors artists who make a difference: through their music, their message, their fashion style. Axel Springer Brand Studios staged Audi, Telekom and Verti as brands in the context of the new International Music Award, thus creating attention and being able to activate the intended target groups – users were directed to the IMA’s website, where they could learn more about the event (via content made for partners and branded with partners).


For our clients, the International Music Award offers the unique positioning in a modern, relevant, quality pop cultural environment that is different than other awards in the music business are or were: The IMA honors artistry, attitude, originality and passion. Customized content concepts were created for all partners, bringing together the client’s communication goals and the IMA audience’s interest agenda.


What are the categories of the IMA? Which artists are nominated? Why? And who won? We clarified this with and for Audi in an opulent media production. In the run-up to the IMA, sponsored by partner Audi, all nominees were presented in six category pieces. For Audi, Axel Springer Brand Studios conceived a full-screen audiovisual home run staging on Opulent, rousing video ads (in six variations, each with an Audi integration) led users to the respective content, each of which again integrated Audi. Immediately following the IMA, eight new pieces of content were published – portraits of the eight winners, again with an Audi integration and eight new video ads. An accompanying social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram generated additional interest among a broad target group.


Telekom broadcasted the first International Music Award live and exclusively via its streaming service MagentaTV. To create awareness for the broadcast and the service in the run-up to the IMA, Axel Springer Brand Studios produced four video brand stories: Interviews with artists Sting, Max Herre, Joy Denalane and model and IMA presenter Toni Garrn. The conversations revolved around topics closely linked to the IMA and reflecting its categories: music, fashion, style, social engagement, creativity, innovation, role models and heroes. Short snippets and recitals by the artists additionally served to generate reach on Instagram and Facebook. The series created a background buzz and generated reach in the IMA’s media preparation; each interview linked to Magenta TV’s landing page. The exclusive videos were fueled by ads on WELT and were also used in parallel by MagentaTV. A complementary social media campaign provided additional touchpoints.


The insurance company Verti is the namesake of the Verti Music Hall, which hosted the first International Music Award on November 22, 2019. But what does the car insurer Verti actually have to do with music? Two product stories made this connection in an entertaining and interactive way: car and pop culture, powered by Verti, thinking from the user’s perspective. Using the approach of a music quiz on famous car songs and a car quartet telling 50 years of film history about cars, an interactive, entertaining and informative approach to the topic was created. Subtle and playful, the two pieces of content achieved awareness and were also able to convey essential information about IMA sponsor Verti. Users were made aware of the content via animated advertising materials as well as via sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook.


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