“Economy is too important, to not joke about it.”

BILANZ stands for

  • high-quality business journalism and intelligent entertainment in a magazine format every month
  • BILANZ is published 10 times per year at newsstands and in WELT Print Werktag incl. compact (subscription circulation)
  • critical, investigative, sophisticated, cheeky, egocentric and (if necessary) ironic contents
  • readership with high consumption strength and purchasing power

Schedule 2018

IssuePublication dateKey Topics
BILANZ #226.01.2018
BILANZ #323.02.2018Business Travel
BILANZ #429.03.2018Fashion
BILANZ #527.04.2018Watches I
BILANZ #625.05.2018Artificial Intelligence
BILANZ #729.06.2018"Start Me Up"
BILANZ #931.08.2018"The 1,000 Richest"; Fashion
BILANZ #1028.09.2018Stil & Luxury
BILANZ #1126.10.2018Watches II
BILANZ #1230.11.2018Xmas Shopping