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The world belongs to those who think in a new way.




The events in the German capital - the home of the editorial department of WELT AM SONNTAG - are matters of great interest, not only for people living in Berlin, but also for readers all over the country.
Every Sunday, WELT AM SONNTAG presents the most interesting cultural and societal topics from Berlin on one page as part of the arts section – “Berlin calling”. By placing your advertisement on this regional page, you can reach typical readers of a quality Sunday paper from Berlin and surrounding.
Use WELT AM SONNTAG Berlin for your advertising campaign by booking one of three possible fixed formats.


2016 Rates and Formats

Format Rates
1/4 page corner, 4c 4,193.00 €
strip ads 374,5mm x 150mm, 4c 4,764.00 €
strip ads 374,5mm x 250mm, 4c 7,940.00 €

WELT-Gruppe Rate Card No. 94 is valid as of January 1, 2016
All rates in €, plus VAT



WELT Group Rate Card No. 94


Key Data

  • Publication: Sundays
  • Copy price: € 3.90
  • Sold circulation (IVW IV/2015)
    WELT AM SONNTAG Berlin (Sun):  32,780 copies


Readers in K Structures in %
Total 157 100
Gender Men 98 63
Women 59 37
Age 20-59 years 114 73
Net household income € 3,000 and more 54 35
Education University-entrance exam, university 78 50

source: ma 2016 Presse I,  area of circulation: Nielsen V -VII
Decision-Makers = Self-employed, freelancers, executives professionals employees and senior civil servants

* WELT am SONNTAG Collective Edition Berlin = WELT am SONNTAG + WELT am SONNTAG Kompakt in Nielsen V-VII

Contact for regional campaigns

Marco Heinisch
Head of Marketing

+49 30 2591 73407

+49 30 2591 72433

Contact for national campaigns

Philipp H. Mankowski

Philipp H. Mankowski
General Manager International Sales

Axel-Springer-Straße 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 72572

+49 30 2591 72555

Area of circulation

Nationwide issues